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The Power of AI Isn’t Augmentation, It’s Amplification

When people talk about using AI to augment their own intelligence, they’re missing the real point.

While it is certainly a positive move to augment one’s own intelligence, a far more powerful approach is to amplify your own efforts by increasing the number of intelligences working on your behalf.

We often ascribe superhuman intelligence to the wealthy and powerful, when what is almost certainly more relevant to their success is their ability to afford to pay other extremely intelligent people to make their lives better.

The real power of AI is to put this power of amplification in the hands of everyone. Rather than struggling to enhance our own single intelligence, each of us will be able to count on a massive extended #network of intelligences.

If you 10X your own intelligence, you can accomplish 10X as much. If you rally 1,000 regular intellects to your cause, you can accomplish far more.

When cognition is (almost) to cheap to meter, coordination will become more important than ever.

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