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Explore related projects, books, tools, and sites managed by our partners to further delve into the blitzscaling ecosystem.


Blitzscaling Academy

Supercharge your company or organization's scaling strategy with Blitzscaling and seize market leadership. Utilize our events, training, tools, and expert insights to craft your personalized Blitzscaling Playbook and join the ranks of global giants.


BlitzChat AI

Trained with all publicly available Blitzscaling content, including the book, Stanford course, and all the author's speeches, videos, blogs, and podcasts, plus exclusive stage-and-functional-area-specific playbook advice from Reid Hoffman, Blitzchat is your Blitzscaling Strategy AI assistant. Use it to create your customized Blitzscaling playbook.


Blitzscaling Book

Unlock the blueprint behind Silicon Valley's startup triumphs with 'Blitzscaling.' Authored by Reid Hoffman and Chris Yeh, this book, birthed from the renowned Stanford class, serves as the foundation for Blitzscaling Ventures, shaping our investment thesis and guiding our approach to scaling startups. 'Blitzscaling' offers insights for entrepreneurs to accelerate growth and build massively valuable companies


Blitzscaling Branding Assets

Explore our official collection of Blitzscaling branding assets. Here, you'll find logos, color schemes, typography guidelines, and promotional graphics available in multiple formats. Use these tools to ensure your projects reflect the Blitzscaling brand identity.


Win your market with
lightning speed.

Blitzscaling Ventures, born from a Stanford class that evolved into the bestselling book Blitzscaling, invests in startups that focus on the potential to achieve enduring leadership in valuable markets.

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