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Overview of Llama Lounge: The AI Startup Event Series

Photo: General Partner Jeremiah Owyang kicks off welcome remarks at Llama Lounge 10 at HanaHaus in downtown Palo Alto, photo by ErickD.

I've always believed in community as one of the core pillars of my being. In fact, Chris Yeh and I met nearly 20 years ago at a Web2 event I was hosting in Menlo Park, Silicon Valley. We became friends then, and that connection has endured. Today, I've led ten events for the AI community called Llama Lounge, the AI Startup Event Series.

The goal of the event is to feature ten AI startups, get to know them, and invite a high-quality crowd of AI founders, investors, enterprise AI buyers, and media and influencers. These high-quality events are always in demand, attracting 300-500 attendees and averaging 300+ on the waitlist. At one Llama Lounge event, there were 1,000 on the waitlist as we were official partners of TechCrunch Disrupt.

To date, we've featured nearly 100 AI startups as demo companies, and over 450 have applied to demo, with more inquiries coming in. This has really helped us understand how the front of the market is evolving and changing over time. We've also featured a few of our portfolio companies as demo companies in front of the ecosystem, which helps them to get market feedback, meet additional investors, and find new customers, partners, and employees.

Here's an overview of the three most recent events in the SF Bay Area:

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